Nenas Bday Dinner

so Nena invited us to AR Lounge for her bday dinner. saw so many faces i haven't in awhile. i ordered the okra soup. i didn't like it at all. but the egg roll and samosa's were super good. checkout some pictures from the event :)

Yermin Korean BBQ

For Nnekas bday dinner since none of us has ever been to a Korean BBQ. We decided this would be a good idea to try it out for tonight. It seemed like something that was classy, different, and fun. 

When we got there we went pretty confused to how things worked because it was all new to us. The waiter eventually explained that it was all you can eat for 3 hours. Where you pick a menu, order 4 things from that menu's section, once you eat most of what you ordered, you pick out 4 more. And you can also get your sides. We each got the same menu and picked something different from them all. They brought it to us and than we made it ourselves and each made a plate. It was a bit difficult to figure everything out, but we eventually got it. It was an amazing experience to me and I think it was the perfect, different, and just a very interacting Bday dinner. wish i was hungrier to eat more, or didn't care to have a food baby lol. but overall it was fun. i liked that you kinda just do your own thing, create your own flavors, and make your own dishes right in front of yourself.

LA Gwens Bday Weekend

So as always, it’s been awhile. 😅
I was on a longgggg break away from blogging. but i think its time i stop paying attention to all the negativity and get back to one of my fav hobbies.

Anyways, enough of that mushy stuff lol. This weekend me and my sis headed to L.A. to celebrate her bday weekend. My cousin recently moved so it was like another girls trip for us too. Before getting to Los Angeles I really didn’t get as excited as I usually am when getting a chance to get away. I lost my I.D a couple weeks ago and truthfully wasn’t even sure if they would let me fly lol. Especially with all the stuff on the news. I thought they would’ve been super strict, but I still had a lil faith and guess what THEY LET ME FLY 🤗

Yermin Pink OOTN

Dress & Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Hair & Makeup: Me 

Eat This Cafe

i don't even know were to start. when we first were searching brunch spots. i saw this place and everything looking amazing and suggested it. they didn't do reservations and when we came we stated we needed a table for 3 instead of 5. so it took us about 1 hour+ to get seated. at first we were all pretty annoyed. but at the same time they gave us free cinnamon rolls to make up for it. and it definitely did. when we got seated, we all made our orders. there menu was nothing over 20+ and everything was honestly so delicious. from the fresh fruit, to the aged cheese, to the potatoes, to the spicy ketchup. the coffee was even good guys lol. if i could've went back every morning i probably would have. 

Rate: 5 (on everything tbh)
Yelp Review: click here

Cirque Makeup Look

so decided to step out to Cirque Daiquiri. i'm really posting this post because i LOVED my makeup this day. (even though it looks like my usual lol). anyway check out the rest of the pixies from the night below :D

Surprise Visit

so this weekend ended up being the last weekend that my dads sister was in town until she headed back to Nigeria. it being that, me and my sister thought it would be an awesome idea to go and surprise them in Michigan. (i ruined it by telling my mom and siblings. was wayyy too excited to go home lol). it was nice seeing, talking and just learning more about who i am, who my dad is, his family is and everything else she let us know. its like after seeing my aunt on my moms side during my graduation, i just got a whole different need to learn more about "my people". growing up in the U.S. and not being back home made me realize that theres so many people i call family, so much i don't really know about them. and tbh now that i'm older i'm just more interested.

Fun Fact: they really respected my grandpa. he was the 1st to build a more than 1 story home in his village. little things like that are so interesting to me. in 2018, even if i have to go alone (lol) I WILL go visit and see all of my family. its time to get to know each and every one of them 💞

also loved the trip because i was able to finally purchase a car, and have my little sis come stay with us for a little bit this summer 🤗

Jefe's Tacos and Tequilla

so me and my sis decided to live our best caucasian lives again (that saying cracks me up 😂) and head to brunch after church. we yelped and found this place called Jefes Tacos & Tequilas and decided to give it a try. it did not dissapoint at all. i ordered the Jefe Burrito, in steak and it honestly was so good. i think with my secret obsession for burritos this place is for sure going at the top of my list. what made the burrito so different to me was what they put in it called creme. it just made the burrito stand out. because it just gave it so much extra flavor. i would say to check Jefes out because right when you walk in the atmosphere: was chilled, now good music, everyone looked like they came to enjoy. we sat outside there weren't any bugs coming to your food really, tons of seating, the people: waiter was on time, came to refill our drinks even when it was half way, super friendly, made sure everything was right, checked on us constantly and than 
to the food: hot, so much flavor, filling, and the appearance actually matched what was you tasted. it looked and was delicious. 

Rate: 5
Recommend: Yes, definitely reccomend. especially for an after church brunch spot. bottomless mimosas are only $20 until 3pm ( your welcome 😉)

ADOM Wake Volunteer

got a chance to volunteer at a wake keeping for one of the ADOM mentors that passed. i never got a chance to meet her, but everyone said amazing things about her. really hope she's resting in peace. the event the ladies and i were very helpful in. just happy we were able to at least contribute in some way.