Agave Restaurant

Location: Atlanta, GA
Rate: 5
Review: another awesome recommendation. this place was one of the places I saw on groupon. it had a code for an appetizer, 2 entrees, and a dessert (we just got 2 appetizers) for less than $50!! i know you guys love the reveiws with the groupons, but this one ran out by the time i posted this 😰. i was lowkey sad cause i wanted to go back lol.

but onto the review. everything had so much flavor here. it was a kinda hidden little place, but the inside you could tell just had great food. there was people, dimmed lights, and chill dinner vibes. we got to sit at the topish overlooking the restaurant so it was super nice and chilled. the food was really good. i had the potato meal and it is something i definitely recommend. not too filling, but with dinners like these i don't think you would want to be stuffing your face anyway lol.

Bike Riding

so today me, gwen and winner decided to go bike riding. even though we didn't get as far. it was such a fun experience. you can rent the bikes for $10 for 2 hours and ride as long as you'd like. we stayed quite awhile. saw other bikes, protesters, got to see were a skating rink was, explore, and just do something different. there were so many dope graffiti on the walls where you can stop and take a picture. everyone was friendly and it was just something going on at every corner we turned. will definitely be back.


after bike riding we finally got a chance to go and check out Minero's Restaurant at the Ponce City Market. its was actually pretty random how we stumbled on this place. we were honestly juts so hungry after being in the hot sun trying to teach someone how to ride a bike. we came into the Ponce Market (it being my 1st time) there was people everywhere and different places to eat everywhere. i got so excited, because i loveee food 😜. we walked around glancing at the menu's. (they had all of them in front of the restaurants so you can have an idea of whats on the menu and want to order.) we chose this place because as soon as we walked in i noticed this man with a burrito and it looks really good. and it definitely WAS. the churro, burrito and even the dip was super good.  i would recommend this place because even though it was just a burrito, it was tons of food and very flavorful and filling. i couldn't even finish it tbh. i would more recommend the location because just the atmosphere in the Ponce Market was uplifting. 

Rate: 4

The Local

so yesterday me and my sissy had a chill, girls night. we decided to go to this karaoke spot she went to before (sucked its only on Monday nights though). we ended up just staying because i was super hungry lol. when we came in, it was just a chilled spot, with dim lights, and people just hanging out. i really liked that kind of atmosphere for this night because its what we were looking for. the only thing that wasn't good about the place was our waiter. he was just rude to us, and standoffish until it was time for us to pay. than he became nicer, smh. we were asking about the menu, whats the most ordered flavor. and he just gave us nonchalant answers back, and for the best item, listed every flavor on the menu! if i wasn't so hungry i honestly would have left lol. but yeah, i would recommend. just on a Monday. seems like everyone is nicer than.
Place: The Local
Location: Atlanta, GA
Rate: Pretzel (5)-was super good, the cheese filling was super melty and it was a lil spicy. Taco (4)-was good too. had a different taste to it, got that in spicy too. Slider (2)-really didn't like it. had a weird taste to it.
Price: $19 (everything to eat was super cheap and they also have really good drink specials)
Recommend: No. Unless you go on a karaoke night.

Sister Tag

so one night we ended up watching our old sister tag from 2011!! lol. we decided to recreate it to a newer version. same questions, sitting in the same positions. its crazy how much we've actually changed (not just in the glo up either 😂) but in the way we sound, our personalities..and so much. anyway check out the before and after on her channel and don't forget to subscribe: Theodora Ebosi.

July 4th Weekend

some last minute July 4th Fashion. had this outfit that i scored for ($5) just in my closet. and after being invited to a pool party i thought, why not throw it on? lol. turned out perfect for the wether and occasion. i didn't change to swim and just hangout by the pool.


Decided to name this blog this because the whole weekend it really felt like i was on vacation. we went to the UIU Picnic, had a bbq, had a night in of fun, went to a pool party, visited Centenial Olympic Park,  ladies were in town, laughing, fun, and just good times. Old post so i won't detail. Just know we had an awesome weekend. enjoy the pixies :D