something i've started doing when i go out to eat is checking out the place on my yelp app. i feel like reading something and ordering never works out for me lol. i always feel like i order something, get excited, and than when the food comes i get disappointed. i went to the app and saw this picture about 3 times and each picture looked amazing. everyone said it was the best sushi they've had and i honestly couldn't agree more. lets just say,
i think i officially found my FAVORITE sushi order so far. this was by far the most amazing sushi i have had. i probably say this about every sushi i order, but this was honestly amazing lol. it had scallop and cheesy sauce with cooked mushrooms and onions that seemed cooked on top of the sushi.  than the sushi contained a crab and cream cheese filling. the order was called Scallop Dynamite Roll. by the way, check out there site by clicking the name of the place below. they have many locations around the U.S.

Place: RA Sushi
Location: Atlanta (Midtown), GA
Rate: 10
Price: $13
Reccomand: ABSOLUTLY

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