Fashion Shoot with Marlon

worked with my fav photographer Marlon again yesterday. these are some pictures from our shoot.  i definitely think i'll stick to more "fashion" shoots because i LOVE the way these pictures turned out. i tagged his modeling page (Facebook and Instagram) below if you guys want to book him for any further shoots. and also tagged my friends hair instagram if anyone is still interested in getting braids done. hope you guys enjoy this post. have an awesome day loves 💕
Photographer: Marlon Sheard
His Instagram: marlonsheardphotography
My Instagram: emmabossi

Story Time: Gas Station Attack

so it took me awhile to actually decide on wether or not i wanted to post this story on my blog. i was contemplating because it gets me so frustrated every time i think about what happened that day. but i went ahead and decided to share because its just an experience that i wouldn't want anyone to go through and would just want everyone to learn from and be aware of. now, i really believe that in life anything can happen... anything. but i also believe that if you are aware of certain things that happen (by hearing or seeing) you can know what to do in a similar situation, and hopefully handle that situation better. 

[ FYI: this is a super long post, if you rather watch a video than click on the video below. ]

Steak Night

so today i decided to try to make something new for dinner. i wanted to learn how to make a perfect steak. one that was medium well, seasoned and just had a lot of flavor. and i think i defiantly accomplished that tonight 😏 

i paired my meal with yellow rice, and green beans. if you try this receipt you'll definitely have an amazing steak dinner. below are the step by step directions and some pictures of before, during, and after the meal is done. hope you guys enjoy it as much as i did:

Stepped Out Makeup Details

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got so many amazing compliments and questions on this look last weekend. everyone literally asked me about my makeup that i did this night. so i took some time and found links to all the products i used. if you guys have any q's on what i did, how i applied it, and were i got it from, please feel free to leave it in the comments section. and don't forget to checkout the rest of the pictures below 😘 


something i've started doing when i go out to eat is checking out the place on my yelp app. i feel like reading something and ordering never works out for me lol. i always feel like i order something, get excited, and than when the food comes i get disappointed. i went to the app and saw this picture about 3 times and each picture looked amazing. everyone said it was the best sushi they've had and i honestly couldn't agree more. lets just say,

Easter Sunday

Eater Sunday pixies. this Sunday was pretty good for me. went to church with my sis and cousin. spent time with my bf's fam, went out to eat, spoke to my parents and than watched prison break with my bf. (just realized i'm on a roll with the sunday fun day posts lol.) just have to remind myself that Sundays are a start to a new week and you should always try to start it in the most positive way. just something this years been teaching me.

Cheesecake Factory

We picked to eat at the Cheesecake Factory for our Easter Sunday Dinner. i thought what i ordered looked so bland, but lets just say sometimes looks can be deceiving lol. it actually turned out very flavorful. (btw it had shrimp and sausages in it). the mac and cheese was also pretty good. truthfully, not the best i've had. but it was good. the mashed potatoes i would defiantly recommend. it was so good!!

Location: at the Cumberland Mall in Atlanta, GA
Rate: 3

MakeUp Look

posted most of the step by step on snapchat. follow me if you ever want to tune in :D 
snapchat: emmabossi

Ladies Weekend

 ladies weekend was so much fun!! lately i've turned into a complete grandma lol. just been focusing on other things really. but as soon as my cousin came into town. i had to snap out of it and go out. this weekend made me realize so much more how i only like to go out just to dress cute, do my makeup and take pictures. atlanta always has a fun nightlife so of course we had fun


random out selfies :D

New Receipt

 so i tried out some new home receipts. the first is stuffed chicken and than i tried making some home made burger. they were so delouse, so i thought to share my receipt. checkout the rest of the post for the pictures and step by step directions :D


so Sunday we decided to go bowling, just to end the weekend with some fun. (i also really wanted to do something because i missed doing my makeup lol) the first game i'm glad i didn't take a picture of because i honestly SUCKED lol. i think gwen had 140 something, kiki was in second place and i had 37, lol. for some reason me and bowling has never been a either "i'm good, or i suck" at it kinda thing. some days and some games i've done really good, and some i just suck lol. but idk, i think thats all part of the fun in things like this. if everyone was good at everything, the world would be pretty boring.

Dan Moo Ji

so my bf got this for us once before, but i don't think i even took a pic of it lol. this place is soo good guys, like really good. i would def. say its the best Korean food i've had. in the picture its mashed potatoes mixed with raisins, corn (with some kinda sauce, really not sure), fried rice covered with egg, and on top was grilled chicken. than they also give you some soup sides and stuff. i didn't try those so i can't say much about them. anyway, this place is really really good. if your ever in the Duluth area of Georgia, i would def. recommend!

Place (couldn't find a website for them, so here's the insta): Dan Moo Ji
Location: Duluth, GA

Across The Street

Across The Street
so i ended up having a groupon code for this place near me called Across The Street. so today i decided to go and grab it for dinner for tonight. when i got the groupon it was $9 and you get to spend $20 at the restaurant.

Top Golf

so this Sunday, we decided to go to the mall and than Top Golf after church just for a little Sunday Funday. the last time i went to Top Golf was in Houston about 4/5 years ago. and tbh i sucked and don't even remember actually being interested lol. but this Sunday after one of the workers gave some tips, it actually turned out to be a lot of fun. i won't say i was the best, but i actually did a lotttt better than i though i would lol. 


so i decided that i needed a break from flat ironing my hair. so when Admire offered to do my braids, there was no way i could say no lol. it took her about 4/5 hours to do them, they weren't as tight as i expected them to be, and defiantly not as heavy as i thought "long" breads would be. overall i LOVED how it turned out. i'll list the kind of hair she used, and what she used for my edges also.

Price (for my kind of braids and length): $200