Hawks Game

woke up and decided i needed a lil fun. Hawks Game it was. 


got to be Marlon's Muse Again. LOVEDDDD these too :D
Photographer: Marlon Sheard
His Instagram: marlonsheardphotography
My Instagram: emmabossi

Brown Hair

so next i decided to do brown hair. i think i prefer it to the gold just because its not as bright.

Fro Check

still haven't straightened my hair in months. but my fro is getting a big bigger. and the length is getting back to normal since the trim i got last year. but just thought i'd post some real hair pixies. back to a sew in :D 


so I decided to give making lasagna a try. it was a good first attempt. but hey, cooking is def still getting better.

Late Vday?

so I kinda, well totally forgot valentines day was coming up until my co workers started giving me little candies and stuff lol. but received flowers the night before and ended up just doing dinner Saturday.

Bronzer Bros and K. Michelle

so this weekend me and my sister decided to go to the Bronner Bros Hair Show. she's never been and even though i wasn't modeling this year. nneka still wanted to go and it was so much fun. after the show K. Michelle performed and did amazing. i didn't know all the songs but it was a fun lil concert.

Ladies Night

it's been so long since i saw Brandi. and she hasn't meant my sister yet so we had a ladies night. it was really random, but the night ended surprisingly, really fun.

Super Bowl Sunday

so my kiki's sister had a Super Bowl party and after work i headed there. i honestly still don't know anything about football, but the food was good :D

Date Night

iPhone 7 Plus Test Makeup Look

beat my face just to try out the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus and i just have 2 words: LOVE IT :D

Seafood Stirfry with Chicken and Sausage Terrelloni

Get Out This Funk

i feel like blogging. not just posting pictures, but actually blogging. 

So a few people been asking me questions. and i get why. i haven't been as positive and hopeful or well just myself, like i usually am. for some reason i'm allowing everything to get to me. every things just so frustrating because its just been, a lot to deal with, think about, just a lot.... it just feels like my life was perfect at one point, and lately its been one thing after the other. and as soon as i get a grip on how to fix something another thing comes along. i just feel like so much is coming for me that its just time to accept everything. i won't even talk about things, but its just becoming overly draining.