Movie Night Makeup Look

today i decided to do my makeup for no reason lol. after me and my sissy decided to go see Blade Runner. tbh the movie was good, but confusing. i think i need to see it again to fully understand. but anyway checkout the random pixies below. (tried some glitter and white liner)

Last Min Shoot Makeup

got to do a last minute eye wear shoot with Model Wear mag. (checkout below to see my muse for this makeup recreation) tried to do the orange/purple smokey eye. and i LOVE how it turned out. 

Cheer Up

so far its been a longgg week. decided to go cheer up a little bit. some pixies below. (btw i did this makeup look in less than 20 minutes :D)

Nenas Bday Dinner

so Nena invited us to AR Lounge for her bday dinner. saw so many faces i haven't in awhile. i ordered the okra soup. i didn't like it at all. but the egg roll and samosa's were super good. checkout some pictures from the event :)

Yermin Korean BBQ

For Nnekas bday dinner since none of us has ever been to a Korean BBQ. We decided this would be a good idea to try it out for tonight. It seemed like something that was classy, different, and fun. 

When we got there we went pretty confused to how things worked because it was all new to us. The waiter eventually explained that it was all you can eat for 3 hours. Where you pick a menu, order 4 things from that menu's section, once you eat most of what you ordered, you pick out 4 more. And you can also get your sides. We each got the same menu and picked something different from them all. They brought it to us and than we made it ourselves and each made a plate. It was a bit difficult to figure everything out, but we eventually got it. It was an amazing experience to me and I think it was the perfect, different, and just a very interacting Bday dinner. wish i was hungrier to eat more, or didn't care to have a food baby lol. but overall it was fun. i liked that you kinda just do your own thing, create your own flavors, and make your own dishes right in front of yourself.

LA Gwens Bday Weekend

So as always, it’s been awhile. 😅
I was on a longgggg break away from blogging. but i think its time i stop paying attention to all the negativity and get back to one of my fav hobbies.

Anyways, enough of that mushy stuff lol. This weekend me and my sis headed to L.A. to celebrate her bday weekend. My cousin recently moved so it was like another girls trip for us too. Before getting to Los Angeles I really didn’t get as excited as I usually am when getting a chance to get away. I lost my I.D a couple weeks ago and truthfully wasn’t even sure if they would let me fly lol. Especially with all the stuff on the news. I thought they would’ve been super strict, but I still had a lil faith and guess what THEY LET ME FLY 🤗

Yermin Pink OOTN

Dress & Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Hair & Makeup: Me 

Eat This Cafe

i don't even know were to start. when we first were searching brunch spots. i saw this place and everything looking amazing and suggested it. they didn't do reservations and when we came we stated we needed a table for 3 instead of 5. so it took us about 1 hour+ to get seated. at first we were all pretty annoyed. but at the same time they gave us free cinnamon rolls to make up for it. and it definitely did. when we got seated, we all made our orders. there menu was nothing over 20+ and everything was honestly so delicious. from the fresh fruit, to the aged cheese, to the potatoes, to the spicy ketchup. the coffee was even good guys lol. if i could've went back every morning i probably would have. 

Rate: 5 (on everything tbh)
Yelp Review: click here

Cirque Makeup Look

so decided to step out to Cirque Daiquiri. i'm really posting this post because i LOVED my makeup this day. (even though it looks like my usual lol). anyway check out the rest of the pixies from the night below :D

Surprise Visit

so this weekend ended up being the last weekend that my dads sister was in town until she headed back to Nigeria. it being that, me and my sister thought it would be an awesome idea to go and surprise them in Michigan. (i ruined it by telling my mom and siblings. was wayyy too excited to go home lol). it was nice seeing, talking and just learning more about who i am, who my dad is, his family is and everything else she let us know. its like after seeing my aunt on my moms side during my graduation, i just got a whole different need to learn more about "my people". growing up in the U.S. and not being back home made me realize that theres so many people i call family, so much i don't really know about them. and tbh now that i'm older i'm just more interested.

Fun Fact: they really respected my grandpa. he was the 1st to build a more than 1 story home in his village. little things like that are so interesting to me. in 2018, even if i have to go alone (lol) I WILL go visit and see all of my family. its time to get to know each and every one of them 💞

also loved the trip because i was able to finally purchase a car, and have my little sis come stay with us for a little bit this summer 🤗

Jefe's Tacos and Tequilla

so me and my sis decided to live our best caucasian lives again (that saying cracks me up 😂) and head to brunch after church. we yelped and found this place called Jefes Tacos & Tequilas and decided to give it a try. it did not dissapoint at all. i ordered the Jefe Burrito, in steak and it honestly was so good. i think with my secret obsession for burritos this place is for sure going at the top of my list. what made the burrito so different to me was what they put in it called creme. it just made the burrito stand out. because it just gave it so much extra flavor. i would say to check Jefes out because right when you walk in the atmosphere: was chilled, now good music, everyone looked like they came to enjoy. we sat outside there weren't any bugs coming to your food really, tons of seating, the people: waiter was on time, came to refill our drinks even when it was half way, super friendly, made sure everything was right, checked on us constantly and than 
to the food: hot, so much flavor, filling, and the appearance actually matched what was you tasted. it looked and was delicious. 

Rate: 5
Recommend: Yes, definitely reccomend. especially for an after church brunch spot. bottomless mimosas are only $20 until 3pm ( your welcome 😉)

ADOM Wake Volunteer

got a chance to volunteer at a wake keeping for one of the ADOM mentors that passed. i never got a chance to meet her, but everyone said amazing things about her. really hope she's resting in peace. the event the ladies and i were very helpful in. just happy we were able to at least contribute in some way.

Church OOTD

church ootd and brunch at our fav cafe spot :D


guess who surprised me with tickets to the Bryson Tiller concert?? my sissy. after i got off of work we literally rushed and got ready and hopped in the uber for the concert. even though i was in a bit of a mood at first it turned out to be such a fun night. something i really like about having my sis as a ride or die is we can literally have fun anywhere doing anything lol. we didn't know as many songs and kept asking people who the other artists were (lmbo) but it was a funnnnn night. one i'll always remember. love ya boo 😘

Agave Restaurant

Location: Atlanta, GA
Rate: 5
Review: another awesome recommendation. this place was one of the places I saw on groupon. it had a code for an appetizer, 2 entrees, and a dessert (we just got 2 appetizers) for less than $50!! i know you guys love the reveiws with the groupons, but this one ran out by the time i posted this 😰. i was lowkey sad cause i wanted to go back lol.

but onto the review. everything had so much flavor here. it was a kinda hidden little place, but the inside you could tell just had great food. there was people, dimmed lights, and chill dinner vibes. we got to sit at the topish overlooking the restaurant so it was super nice and chilled. the food was really good. i had the potato meal and it is something i definitely recommend. not too filling, but with dinners like these i don't think you would want to be stuffing your face anyway lol.

Bike Riding

so today me, gwen and winner decided to go bike riding. even though we didn't get as far. it was such a fun experience. you can rent the bikes for $10 for 2 hours and ride as long as you'd like. we stayed quite awhile. saw other bikes, protesters, got to see were a skating rink was, explore, and just do something different. there were so many dope graffiti on the walls where you can stop and take a picture. everyone was friendly and it was just something going on at every corner we turned. will definitely be back.


after bike riding we finally got a chance to go and check out Minero's Restaurant at the Ponce City Market. its was actually pretty random how we stumbled on this place. we were honestly juts so hungry after being in the hot sun trying to teach someone how to ride a bike. we came into the Ponce Market (it being my 1st time) there was people everywhere and different places to eat everywhere. i got so excited, because i loveee food 😜. we walked around glancing at the menu's. (they had all of them in front of the restaurants so you can have an idea of whats on the menu and want to order.) we chose this place because as soon as we walked in i noticed this man with a burrito and it looks really good. and it definitely WAS. the churro, burrito and even the dip was super good.  i would recommend this place because even though it was just a burrito, it was tons of food and very flavorful and filling. i couldn't even finish it tbh. i would more recommend the location because just the atmosphere in the Ponce Market was uplifting. 

Rate: 4

The Local

so yesterday me and my sissy had a chill, girls night. we decided to go to this karaoke spot she went to before (sucked its only on Monday nights though). we ended up just staying because i was super hungry lol. when we came in, it was just a chilled spot, with dim lights, and people just hanging out. i really liked that kind of atmosphere for this night because its what we were looking for. the only thing that wasn't good about the place was our waiter. he was just rude to us, and standoffish until it was time for us to pay. than he became nicer, smh. we were asking about the menu, whats the most ordered flavor. and he just gave us nonchalant answers back, and for the best item, listed every flavor on the menu! if i wasn't so hungry i honestly would have left lol. but yeah, i would recommend. just on a Monday. seems like everyone is nicer than.
Place: The Local
Location: Atlanta, GA
Rate: Pretzel (5)-was super good, the cheese filling was super melty and it was a lil spicy. Taco (4)-was good too. had a different taste to it, got that in spicy too. Slider (2)-really didn't like it. had a weird taste to it.
Price: $19 (everything to eat was super cheap and they also have really good drink specials)
Recommend: No. Unless you go on a karaoke night.

Sister Tag

so one night we ended up watching our old sister tag from 2011!! lol. we decided to recreate it to a newer version. same questions, sitting in the same positions. its crazy how much we've actually changed (not just in the glo up either 😂) but in the way we sound, our personalities..and so much. anyway check out the before and after on her channel and don't forget to subscribe: Theodora Ebosi.

July 4th Weekend

some last minute July 4th Fashion. had this outfit that i scored for ($5) just in my closet. and after being invited to a pool party i thought, why not throw it on? lol. turned out perfect for the wether and occasion. i didn't change to swim and just hangout by the pool.


Decided to name this blog this because the whole weekend it really felt like i was on vacation. we went to the UIU Picnic, had a bbq, had a night in of fun, went to a pool party, visited Centenial Olympic Park,  ladies were in town, laughing, fun, and just good times. Old post so i won't detail. Just know we had an awesome weekend. enjoy the pixies :D

ADOM Girls Night

got a chance to host another girls night with the ADOM ladies at my place. it was really nice seeing everyone again, introducing them to my sis, having guests at the apt, and just the good vibes we had. we talked about a lot and hopefully things can get back on track like before.

Church OOTD

bought this super cute dress for only $3!! 😱
comment below if you would like a link :)

YouTube Recording Makeup

just close ups on my makeup for our youtbue day. recording a few videos for my little sis on her youtube channel: Theodora Ebosi
check out the closeups below :D

Green Dress Look

got some bad news today. so i decided to randomly get dressy and cheer myself up. it worked :D
Get this super cute green dress here.

Pink Choker Dress

received MANY questions about this dress tonight. unfortunalty i couldn't find it on the site. but i did find a similare one that didn't come with a choker. (this one did and was on sale. sorry guys.)
but click here for the similar one. and just pair it with a cute choker and heels of your choice :D

Zoo Trip

got an awesome chance to go to the zoo today with Lighthouse Academies summer school students. and honestly even though i had to yell a few times, break up student fighting, couldn't get to feed the giraffes (because if i did, everyone would have wanted too. especially the kids lol). it was actually a lot of fun. i haven't been to the Atlanta zoo since moving, so it was a fun day for me too.
check out the pictures from the day below.

Sweet Auburn Seafood

Location: Atlanta, GA
Rate: 1 (Crab Cakes) & 5 (Lobster Pot Pie)
Price: $27
Recommend: Yes

The Breakfast Club

Location: Atlanta, GA
Rate: 5
Price: $13.95
Reccomand: Yes

First 3D Movie

lol, yes you read the title correctly. this is my FIRST 3D movie. i think it was actually a pretty cool experiance. i wish it was a better movie (the mummy was still good, don't get me wrong), but i think a movie with more "3D" stuff wouldv'e made the experiance a lot better. but it was definently something i can say i saw now :D

check out my movies OOTD look here.

3D Movie OOTD

wore something a bit simple. 
Romper: from zara (bough like 4 years ago)
Jacket: was on sale for like $3 at charlotte ruse
Chocker: was a gift
more pixies below :)

Solo Celebrating

went and did some solo celebrating. and of course i decided to at my fav place, RA Sushi. i've blogged about this specific order a lot. but if you want details: click here
pictures from that night below :D


hey guys. so this weekend we headed to Orlando for my cousins graduation. it was a much needed trip and another pretty awesome girls weekend. this was the first time i've actually been to Orlando and stayed in Orland. other times we've been there we just drove by, but it was actually pretty nice to see some parts of it. her family got a house for the weekend, got food and it was just a family kind of vibe, with fun moments and a lot of laughter lol. anyway, check out some of the pics from the trip below.
for more pictures of my graduation outfit: click here

Orlando Fashion Look

ToSave Blog Collaboration

hey guys. so i've been meaning to post this specific post for awhile. i've partnered up with this site called for my first official blog collaboration:D I liked that they reached out to me because I LOVE to dress super cute, but always love a good deal and just shopping smart. 
This site definitely has all of that to offer. It brings you guys an amazing and affordable way to shop, for literally anything. This site has super good deals on tons of stuff and by using my code (listed below) your also able to save 5% on all your orders!! 
They have Fashion, Clothing, Jewelry, Watches, Shoes, Bags, Accessories, Cell Phones, Health/Beauty Products, Home/Gardening Products, Lighting Products, Computers/Tablets, Electronics, Automobiles/Motorcycle Products, Hobbies, Toys, Sports Products, Wedding and even Business Products. 

Save 5% Coupon Code: EMMABOSSI

Memorial Day

decided to step out for memorial day. ran into a few people. fun night <3
for close ups on my makeup look: click here

Memorial Day Makeup Look

some selfies of my makeup look on Memorial Day. 

Baraka Shawarma

Location: Atlanta (Downtown), GA
Rate: 3
Price: Chicken Shawarma Plate $8.99, Baklava $1.99
Recommend: yes

so after going downtown. me and my sis went to try out this new place. we saw it on yelp and than decided to try it. we were the only ones here and the owner was super friendly. the food was good, and the dessert was good also, but not something i was used to. the menu is super affordable and its not a long walk from the Centennial Olympic Park.

Summer Chill Day Look

so after realizing that i barely do any fashion looks on my blog, i think that i'll start working on that more. so for this post, i'll add details of a simple everyday summer look.
Dress: click here
Jean Jacket: click here (sold out :-/ but you can get something similar for the same look)
Flip Flops: click here

Random At Home Photoshoot

decided to do a random shoot at home lol. hope you all enjoy it 💕
makeup by: Dora Ebosi
for makeup details on this video: click here

Before and After

been waiting to do this post for so long lol. ijeoma was finally able to bless my face again when we went home. and this time, we got it on camera. (link below)

Michigan for Ami Graduation

so this has to be one of my FAVORITE weekends out of the year. me and my sis haven't been home since last year thanksgiving. so much has happened from that time until now. and when i say that this weekend was needed. it WAS NEEDED. 

Random Night Out

so this night was actually so random lol. whenever i do a new hair style. i always feel the need to beat my face the next day. even if i'm not doing anything, smh. so today i beat my face, and went and grabbed some food for me and my sis. when she came home, we than decided to head out and just have a ladies night. it turned out to be so much fun. anyway check out my makeup for this night :D

Goddess Faux Locs

so i have been wanting to try this style for soooo long. and finally decided to try it out. we did the crotchet method and it turned out so good. i had so much fun with them :D


hey guys. hope you are all doing amazing ☺️☺️. 
so let me begin by saying besides the point that i felt like i needed some fun. me and my sister haven't done anything fun together in soo long. so today i decided to book us a Kickboxing class at Atlanta Kick and than go get a bite to eat. so thats exactly what we did. (we also went apt hunting and think we saw one that fits us perfectly. but thats for another blog post :D)

Corner Bakery Cafe

Location: Atlanta (Midtown), GA
Rate: 5
Price: Pasta $9, Salade $3, Coffee $2
Recommend: yes

Protective Style: Cornrows

guess what guys? i decided to do another protective style!! :D 
so basically i still wanted my hair to take a breather. so i decided to do another protective style, cornrows. i was a little hesitant in trying this style because personally i think i have super chubby cheeks. so styles were my hair has to go all the way back, short, or not visible at all, just has never been my thing lol. but i decided to try it anyway. just because it was something i wasn't used too, it wouldn't be as heavy as braids and just a little different. 

Don't Forget to check out Admire's Hair Instagram Page to see more of her work :D admireyourcrown

Price (also including hair): $75

Fashion Shoot with Marlon

worked with my fav photographer Marlon again yesterday. these are some pictures from our shoot.  i definitely think i'll stick to more "fashion" shoots because i LOVE the way these pictures turned out. i tagged his modeling page (Facebook and Instagram) below if you guys want to book him for any further shoots. and also tagged my friends hair instagram if anyone is still interested in getting braids done. hope you guys enjoy this post. have an awesome day loves 💕
Photographer: Marlon Sheard
His Instagram: marlonsheardphotography
My Instagram: emmabossi