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Birthday Dinner RA Sushi

Birthday OOTD

24th Bday

so even though this wasn't at all how i wanted to spend my bday. i realized that celebrating it in general ended up making me happy. and even though i was really down about not being in Michigan for my bday, kiki did awesome with getting all my fav foods.

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Working With Larry Again

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Jumpsuit OOTD

1 Year Anniversary

even though we were pretty close before this day. todays officially our 1 year anniversary. man, i honestly can't type what i was thinking on this exact day. (another reason i want to be more consistent in the blogging.) but i do want to thank God so much for sending me someone thats literally perfect for me. my bf is truly so special to me. He deals and accepts all parts of me and still thinks i'm more beautiful than Beyonce lol. idk what more a girl can ask for tbh. i really think he's perfect. into God, smart, motivational, positive, family orientated, my sibs, fam, and friends like him, always there for me, can talk to him about literally anything, always trying to understand me even if its just him reading my face. i could go on and on, but i'll stop here before i get too sappy lol. 

dinner was beautiful: my dress came in time, i actually liked my makeup, we had amazing seats (the restaurant was on the top floor and had a view where it spun around so you can see all of downtown atlanta.)

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1 Year Anniversary Dinner

Day Out

so today was adventures. went to a shoot and talked my sis into shooting with me, went to one of kiki's students basketball game and then hangout with kiki and nneka.

Setting Up His Tree

bae cooked and i came over to help him set up his tree