so this thanksgiving was really, really special for me because kiki and his lil sister came to spend it with me and my family. just being able to get past that first holiday "meeting" is what i wanted. i don't have too much to write no the day, because i think working on typing more on my more recent blogs is something i need to do, but one thing that i really won't forget about the holiday is my siblings doing there makeup with his sis to make her feel more comfortable, my bf teaching us how to play monopoly and we spending 5 hours on it (lol), going to maries to eat, meeting up with mocha ad gu at the mall, my bf and his sis meeting some of my cousins, and my favorite part is. well i guess i'll start by saying before we eat, me and my siblings started this thing where we have to go around the table and name 3 things that we were thankful for. so anyway, when it got to him, in front of everyone, he said he was thankful for his Golden Baby (a nickname he calls me), that and for me inviting him to his first real thanksgiving. it was so cute lol, but yeah. i think i'll stop there lol. here are some pixies from the day below.

Red Look

Marie In Town

guess who came to visit me? MARIE. i could''t believe she's finally here. or plans for her to visit finally happened. she got to meet kiki, come out with us, we talk, hang. it feels like she didn't stay as long, because i had to work a lot of the time. but it was so nice having her here :D

Sweater Weather Look

Chill Night Makeup

Red Hair Shoot

so even though i'm not receiving any pictures from this shoot (rolls eyes). here are some behind the scenes images from it :D

instagram: emmabossi

Homemade Sushi

Iowa OOTD Day 2

Off To Iowa Look

Iowa OOTD Day 1

Iowa City

so sad. these are the only pics from the tip that were on my twitter. with my phone being stolen, my backup was only done in august and i lost all the pictures.

but anyway. kiki took me on one of his work trips to Iowa City. the whole area from the hotel, to the hospital was just BEAUTIFUL. the room was perfect, we had amazing sushi, went on random adventures when he was off work and i even got us pretty awesome souvenirs. 


Curly Hair

Hey guys. It's been awhile but I finally think I've had this hair in long enough to write a detailed review on it. So my next protective style I tried Malaysian Afro Kinky Curly Hair.

Length: When the hair is straightened it is the length of 26, 28, and 28. 3 bundles should be the minimum for a sew in like this. More if you want it thicker. But with as much leave out and curls with the hair you really don't need a lot.

Color: 1B

Styling: With smaller portions it's easy to style. Before beginning styling. Don't forget to detangle your hair. With working with smaller, pre-made sections. It makes the detangling process easier. So far the styles I know you can try with this hair is all down, two ponytails (with some down or not), a bun or two ponytails  I'm sure if you see other styles you can incorporate it to this Vixen Sew In also.