Red Lobster

Its been so long since i've been to Red Lobster. I think the last time was actually a year and a half ago in Kalamazoo. It was still soon good.

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Protective Style: Sew-In with Frontal

New Orleans

Day 1: 
me and my sister went on a trip to New Orleans. our first day there were still pretty tired because the night before in Atlanta, we all went out. but the first day after arriving in New Orleans, I went to look around the hotel as Gwen napped. we than got dressed and on our way to the Alligator Tour it started raining and thundering so we decided to not go to it. instead we ended up finding a place to eat  and than we went to this museum called Ogden Museum of Southern Arts. they had a lot of amazing pieces and really talented artistic paintings and pictures from not only students that went to school in New Orleans but also from people around the community. After the museum we were pretty tired because we walked everywhere. so we relaxed in the hotel for the rest of the night.

New Orleans Green Night Out Look

New Orleans Food

Atlantis Mediterranean Bar and Grill

Dinner Before I Go

So before heading to New Orleans with my sister. I decided to try out this new restaurant in Atlanta. And just do something nice for my boyfriend. I've kinda been obsessed with groupon lately so I used this groupon code that gave me 49% off of our meal. The total ended up being $34 for a 2 person meal. Including 1 Appetizer, 2 Entrées, and 1 Dessert. 

To Get The Code, (if its not sold out or still existing) Click Here: Groupon Code

Click Here to check out what we ordered and my review of the restaurant: Rating