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Gwens Graduation Weekend

Multiway Jumpsuit OOTN

Rice and Stew

RCs Birthday Night Makeup

Protective Style Singles Braids

So recently I've been putting a lot of heat on my hair these past few months. So I decided to do another protective style that'll last me at least a couple months to prevent any further damage to my hair. In my last couple of posts i've been getting comments about my edges and needing a closure/frontal and lol, I totally AGREE guys. But when i became natural I literally out NO perm/relaxer in my hair. Until the last Bronner Bros hair show, where the hairstylist that did my hair explained to me that she was putting 'deep' conditioner in my hair. Which ended up burning and i asked her if it ws really conditioner, and she said "Oh, I was relaxing it first." So being natural for almost 4 years now, I totally freaked, and didn't take care of my leave out as I should. So that caused the damaging. Anywaysssss though, I decided to do singles on myself as a protective style. Although in the past i HATED them, I think that me doing them myself caused me to definitely appreciate them more and love them.

-How long did it take?
doing these singles. it took me two days. (many because I ran out of hair, and my hands kept getting sore lol) but the total hours i would say was about: 12hours. i first deep conditioned, split the hair, twisted the parts before braiding and then started braiding.

Playing In makeup

Mike Shealey Shoot

Photographer: Mike Shealey (His Instagram)
Model: Me (My Instagram)
Hair and Makeup: Me
Choreographer: Kiersten Harris

Home For Konwree's Wedding

going home for Konwree's wedding was defiantly a needed trip. I feel like i've been talking about how excited i was to be one of her bridesmaids in her wedding since she asked me lol. and honestly it was such a beautiful day. from seeing her get her face beat, to crying when she walked down the isle, to crying when her sister and mom gave their speeches. it was just so beautiful. just seeing someone i actually know genuinely happy on her special day just made me so happy. and just also being able to pick up her last minute hair was defiantly the least i could do. like she looked soon gorgeous. it was such an amazing weekend (oh yeah, and i caught the bouquet :D). but the wedding wasn't the only memorable day about the trip home for me. not only did my sister Konwree get married, but i finally introduced someone to my family. knowing how close i am to them, i've never wanted to bring someone that i wasn't for sure that i wasn't going to be with. i was so nervous to for some reason. but he automatically clicked with everyone, and my whole family really liked him. the whole weekend was just AMAZING. check out some of the pictures below from the weekend. 

Lansing Nights

This post is a picture of the Bachelorette Bar Hopping and our Ladies Night in Lansing.
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Mike Shealey Photoshoot Makeup Look

Grad Party Makeup