Roadtrip Vacation Vlog

Stay Positive

One thing thats amazing to me is how everything always works itself out. Sometimes not the way you want it to but with prayer, hard work, and staying positive I honestly believe that anyone is capable of accomplishing anything that they want to accomplish.

One thing about myself that I really disliked is that once things don't go my way I get extremely frustrated and feel "stuck". But lately what I've been realizing is that there is another 24hours in a day that you have to change any situation that you are placed in.

Chicken And Waffles

M Street Kitchen

Georgetown Cupcake

Killer Shrimp

Aroma Sunset Bar and Grill

Sneed Snap Shots

Latenight Sushi

MAX's Wine Dive

Location: Houston, Texas
Rate: 7

so this place was good, but i gave it a 7 because i really liked the potatoes but i think that the chicken was a little sweeter than what i was used too.

Dane Hillard Photoshoot