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Hey guys :D, Welcome to my blog. 
If you don't know by now, my name is Emma Ebosi and I LOVE life. I'm a 24, ambitious, Nurse (future Family Nurse Practitioner), Model, Blogger, Hosts, Business Owner and oh yeah, I'm also foreign :D (Nigerian) lol. First I want to say that i've had 2 previous blogs where everything was anonymous and I liked to keep it that way. But I moved to Atlanta and decided to create a more "permanent" blog.

My blog is more of a beauty blog were I post affordable makeup and fashion looks. But I also had to incorporate Food and Traveling because I get tons of questions on my other social medias about those things. I wanted to create a blog to show you guys some parts of my Life and thoughts that most people (depending on which social media you follow me on) don't get to see. All on 1 platform. This blog is just something that I personally do for fun, so hope you all enjoy my postings :D

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