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So I know I haven't blogged in sooo long. But I'm finally situated in life. As you all know I made my big move to Atlanta right after graduation. I packed all my things, drove and moved everything in (even set up all my furniture and everything by myself). It was one of the craziest, scariest and biggest things I've ever done alone in life. People til this day keep asking me why? And honestly you just reach a point in your life where you want to see if you can go out into the world and make it on your own. And that's what I've been working on doing. So far it hasn't been the easiest thing in the world to do, but it's an experience that I'm so happy I made. 

Going from never ever been to Atlanta to Living in Atlanta has been such an adventure. It's definitely has had its ups and downs but each good or bad experience has made me such a stronger person. I've meant so many new people and created so many opportunities on my own so far that it's becoming one of the best decisions I've made for future and career wise. To keep you all updated since I've been here I have been working full time as a nurse. And on top of that to get my name out there (for future references) I've also been doing some modeling, fashion shows and hostings. I even went out of my comfort zone and tried acting. And ended up landing a part as a maid on the USA tv series called Satisfaction USA. People always look at me funny or talk about how am I able to do all this and still work and want to be a nurse. But I just don't believe in having only 1 source of income my whole life, and if it pays; hey why not! Lol. 

But i do want to explain (to anyone wondering) why I am doing so much at the moment. Well recently i got into an argument with someone that I considered a friend when I first moved to Atlanta. The thing is the girl only watched my snaps and saw that as an insite to her thinking she knew me or anything I was doing or even why I was doing it. So as you all know my little organization Ego (www.egobsessions.com) is something I started a couple years ago and took a break from to focus on finishing school. It's an online clothing boutique that has affordable clothing and jewelry for all sizes for an awesome price. 10% of the purchases and all donations go to family holiday gift baskets; for families that are less fortunate during the holidays. I order the baskets and fill with food, a card and gifts for each family member. The reason I bring it up is because On my snapchat I have been doing a lot of hostings and different things here and there. The thing that stood out to me is the girl called me "lost". She knew I worked as a nurse but on snap I post flyers of other things I'm doing. I btw didn't take offense to the messages at all, but it just made me want to explain to the OUTSIDE world why I do what I do. Referring back to my organization; to have a clothing boutique, or to make any organization/your project work you need to bring your name out there. I admit sometimes I do the hosting just to have fun lol, but at the same time I've been meeting some amazing connects. Connects that when I do start my summer 2016 launch I can use to help promote my organization. If you personally know me. You know I only go out to either dress up, I'm bored or for bdays. But if my name is going on a flyer with 10+ other people promoting it, that's bringing my name out. Once I have my name out, I can then launch my business and people will then know who created it. If I don't bring my name out, how will I expect people to buy, or even donate to the families. At the end of the day I'm putting myself out there to use these opportunities to make future connections. It honestly doesn't have to make sense to others but I didn't come all the way to Atlanta without a plan. I have many goals that I want to achieve and I'm certainly sticking to them, despite all the negativity that comes my way. But anyways i just felt the need to explain. Because if 1 negative person thought that, I'm sure others do. So there you go, the reason I do what I do!

Lately I've been getting so many questions since I've moved. I've been trying to answer and address some of them as much as I can. So I'm going to answer some questions that I've been getting a lot lately. (I'll only pick 4 of them, don't want this post to be super long ;))

1.) Off all the places to move, why Atlanta?
To answer this I want to start by saying that I did do my research before doing anything with this move. And people who know me, know I've been planning this for more than a year (before my move). I first looked into the cities that I can continue my degree, where my business can be most affected and where I can get myself out there. Atlanta then became one of the top 3 (number 2 was Houston and 3 was Cali) After narrowing it down to the 3. I also looked at where I would be the most successful alone that would also include my cost of living. And out of all 3 Atlanta was the most affordable. I didn't want to move and have to ask anyone for anything to get here, or stay here. So that to me was the deal breaker. Making it the reason I chose to move to Atlanta. 

2.) How is it living alone?
Living by myself has been such an experience. Growing up with 4 siblings and many friends. Ive never lived alone before. So in the beginning it was very difficult for me. There was a lot of quiet, free time. When I first moved (besides the girl in the previous message) I didn't know anyone else at all. And only went to work and back to my apartment. I became so bored I started exploring by myself and joining new groups. After finally putting myself out there, I ended up making some amazing friends and I can honestly say I LOVE living by myself. It's just nice being able to have a place you can call your own and make your own rules. I get so excited to just come home after a long day of work, hanging with friends or just being out now. 

3.) Do you see yourself staying in Atlanta forever?
Honestly, I'm not sure at the moment. I won't say yes because there are so many places in the world that I want to live or even experience. I don't want to say "yes, I'm going to stay in Atlanta forever." because I don't know the future. But living here now, I can say that I will consider it. 

4.) Don't you miss your family?
Yes. Lol, I had to give a straight forward answer for that. My family and close friends are probably the only thing i wish I could've brought with me the most to Atlanta. I miss them 24/7, and call and text them all the time. Me and my sibling have a family groupme so that helps with all of us staying in touch and up to date with what's going on in each others lives. And my parents, well they call me literally 10 times a day. Which I love. Even though my family is far from me. They've honestly still been my biggest support <3. All (besides my dad, due to his work schedule) my family members have came and visited me. But I still will always miss them. This is just a step I personally needed to take in life. 

Well that's all I have to say for my post, I'm really going to try and post at least once a week. Catch you guys later and thanks for reading.

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