Meeting the ADOM ladies

while moving to Atlanta i joined an Igbo all girls group called ADOM. today was our first event (from when i joined anyway) and even though i came super late smh. i got a chance to meet a few of the ladies. they seemed so sweet, i;m so excited for this group because i always like to keep y culture and roots close, so i think being in a whole new state; that this would be good for me. 

for the event we were volunteering at the Juneteenth Festival. i wish i showed up earlier to actually help but still being new to the city, i got lost for almost an hour, SMH. but i still ended up having so much fun. not only did i get a chance to meet the other members, but i also got a chance to watch some of the ladies perform a dance routine, dance during the hustles, and also had some bbq. 

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