MODA 2014 Fashion Show

One Dope Show Fashion Show

Slight Wand Curl

Style: Wand Curl (on low heat, you don't want to burn your hair)
Achieve: After my hair poofed up from having it straight i used my wand curl and added some curls.
Lasts: This hairstyle lasted me about 4 hours

Roxie's Birthday

Guess who's finally 2? I remember going to pet smart to buy a turtle. To getting the cutest little puppy ever from a random lady. Out of all his 8 brothers and sisters he was the only one in the corner sleeping while they all wanted to get chose. I remember being annoyed and taking you back to the lady after a week, lol. But he's definitely part of our family now and I'm happy I went and got him back! Probably the baddest dog ever. But he's so cute that you can't even be mad at him for long lol. Happy birthday again Roximus Ebosi 


Style: Just a quick straighten
Achieve: how i achieved this look is after my bun i just wrapped my hair at night,a nd woke up and brushed it into this style
Lasts: this didn't last long for me. my hair became humid and poofed up in about 30 minutes


Chili's shrimp Pasta with there Strawberry Cheesecake 

Night Out

Top: one sleeve crop top
Skirt: egobsessions body con skirt
Shoes: I wore black pumps with this look