2020 "Goals"

Hey guys, can you really believe we’re in a new decade? Honestly, I’m shocked but so excited at the same time. My year started off shaky, but I'm really convinced that these next 10 will be nothing but awesome!! We're some days into 2020. So now that it's really official, I thought it'll be the perfect time to share a new post. New year, same me, but with some changes. 

Ma Visiting For A Month

Hey loves, so clearly been MIA again and honestly I don't even have an excuse this time nor will I try and say I promise to keep up with the once a week posting. Life happens, I get busy and tend to push my hobbies to the back to focus on other things. That and I'm also the kind of person that needs breaks and then reaper even better than I was before lol. I will say that I do have way too much content that I need to get out. So to keep up, might as well go ahead and subscribe by email 😊. This post I wanted to do because recently I've been talking to my gma more and more. She's so amazing. Wait, let me take things back a little bit.....

Gio Elegant Photography

hey guys, new week new post 😊
this week as you can see, I have a photoshoot post for you :D although this shoot happened alllll they way in March, making it nothing new "new". some pictures are new to you guys and old to me, so why not lol. I decided to do this post next in honor of Gio's birthday which was sometime last week. and for me the best way to show love to some people is by supporting them. included in this blog will be the location of our shoot together, the information pertaining to his site, his instagram and how to book him. That way you can check his page out to see more of his work, so you can be able to work with him as well. 

Shoot Info:
Photographer: @gioelegantphotos
Photographers Website: www.gconroe.com
Model: @emmabossi

Lagos Jewelry VIP Viewing

hey loves. So sorry this post came in so late this week. But honestly me even sticking to posting 3 weeks in a row is sticking to one of my goals 🙈😅😂. So I’ll dive right into the post. The amazing Lagos Jewelry Launch event.
When I first received an invitation to this event about Lagos Jewelry 2019 Spring Launch and that they were opening up in Bloomingdale's in Lenox Square (go check them out by the way :D). I’ll be honest, I remember seeing the word Lagos and not remembering we’re exactly I found out about this Jewelry brand. But after this event and post. I’m sure I’ll never forget them or their name, and hopefully you guys won’t either! What attracted me to this brand I remember was their name. As some of you may know, I’m Nigerian and the name Lagos is one of our biggest and most developed cities in Nigeria. It’s the city we stayed in before coming to America. So the name got me interested. But the line kept me entertained. So when they emailed me about an invite to their Atlanta Launch. I was super excited. Not only to get to see their new fall collection, but to also be able to try on some things, mingle and get to see and know more about their brand.